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Get Toned

Women / 8-week / Advanced

Our 8-week “Get Toned” training program has been specially designed as the ultimate tool to help women lose weight and increase muscle definition. The program combines high and low-intensity cardio sessions with core circuits, plyometrics, and light weights for a full body transformation. Expect to see your six pack emerge.

Our 8-week “Get Toned” training program has been specially designed as the ultimate tool to help women lose weight and increase muscle definition.


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Our 8-week ‘Get Toned’ program is an intermediate training plan that has been designed for women who are accustomed to going to the gym but want to train towards achieving a leaner, more defined, physique. It is important to note that the “toned” look is not a certain size, weight or body image, but a place where you feel confident and good about yourself! Expect to experience significant fat loss and a more ripped upper body and core.

Each workout week consists of a one day ‘off’, one day ‘on’ HITT cycle. The aim: to help burn fat after heavier, more intense, weight sessions. On ‘off’ days, LISS cardio sessions allow for a friendlier workout that gives you the option to customize the program. Mixed, moderate intensity, weight, and plyometric sessions compliment this fat loss regime by encouraging the transformation of fat to muscle. Through this combination of cardio and weights, this transformation is designed to significantly tone your whole body, not just your abdominal area.

To get the best results, this workout schedule is complemented with a comprehensive ‘fat loss’ nutrition guide. Designed to help guide meal choices, our unique food grid recommends the consumption of specific nutrient types across the day to help you reach the suggested nutrition targets. For this program, we recommend a reduced daily calorie intake comprising of approximately  125g protein, 130g (max) complex carbs and 35g (max) good fats.







Training Focus

The program incorporates a mixture of HIIT (High intensity interval training), LISS (low intensity steady state), core circuits and compound lifts.


Outdoors, Swimming Pool, The Gym

Training Phases

2 x 4 Week Phases

Total Workouts


Training Days / Week


Workout Duration

50 – 60 mins

Nutrition Focus

Calorie Deficit, High Protein, Moderate Carb

Suggested Supplements

CLA, Green Tea Extract, Whey Protein

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 12.7 x 1.7 x 12.7 cm

Each workout consists of approximately 40 minutes intense weight training that focusses on compound lifts and isolation exercises. Weight sessions are either followed by an intense 20 minute HITT finisher (on upper body days) or 20 minute LISS cool down (on lower body days). Using this mixture of aerobic and anaerobic training helps build and retain muscle mass whilst burning fat. Here is what you can expect to see at the end of your 8-week transformation:

• Significantly tighter and more defined: abs, glutes (bum), and legs

• A significant reduction in overall body fat

• An increase in your metabolic rate

• An overall reduction in muscle fatigue

• A small gain in body muscle

• Those regularly engaging in intense physical activity will notice more pronounced muscle definition

• Those regularly engaging in low-impact exercise will notice more intense fat loss

The golden rule of any fat loss program is that nutrition trumps exercise! As a result, the success of this program rests with a low-calorie diet that comprises of fewer carbs but protein. Since a reduction in carbs equates to less expendable energy in the gym, following our recommended nutrition regime may be challenging. To make your life easier though we decided to ditched meal plans! We know that they are near impossible to stick to so, have instead, provided general nutrition goals that are designed to encourage optimal muscle definition and fat loss. The rationale for this method is simple: 'it's not how you reach your daily targets but rather that you do'.

To reach these targets our plan recommends 7 small meals throughout the day, each accompanied with a suggested mealtime. Each meal also recommends a ‘meal composition’, being the optimal nutrition types that meal should consist of.

Finally, we also provide you with exclusive offers from our trusted nutrition partners: My Protein and Cute. The supplements we recommended for this plan include Green Tea Extract and CLAs. As with all our programs though, our supplement recommendations are guidelines that should not substitute a balanced diet. .

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