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Start your transformation today! Whether you are looking to shred fat, build muscle or get more active there is an Intermediate book for you.

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8 week, toning and lean muscle for Women.

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The Intermediate.

Designed by our team of industry experts the Intermediate range is perfect for the average gym goer who needs the boost and drive to take their training to the next level. Each book has been carefully written to target one of the classic training goals, be it building lean muscle to sculpting that perfect summer body. Your book guides you step by step, day by day, to make your fitness goal a reality.

Key to Success

Reaching your Goals.

Your Gymbook is designed to adapt to your schedule to maximise your individual potential. It leads you right through the day, educating, explaining and taking the stress out of the remembering what comes next.

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Ultimate Starter Plans

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Nutrition & Supplements

Education. Schedule. Results.

It is vital that your training works in tandem with a balanced nutrition helping you to maximise your potential and achieve the best results possible. Your Gymbook will offer you in depth education on what to eat, what to avoid and help you understand how to achieve a healthy, balanced diet.

“Don’t miss a tick, and at the end of your book, you will find your transformation”

The importance of nutrition in achieving your goals is not to be underestimated. Eating correctly throughout your training period will dramatically improve results, aiding your energy levels, recovery and muscle growth pre/post gym.

Unlike the majority of nutrition plans where each meal is pre-planned the Gymbook offers you meal suggestions and prompts you when to eat/drink throughout the day. This flexible approach allows you to align your nutrition with your schedule and be more involved in the process. Your Gymbook will also offer supplement advice and recommend brands based on what we believe to be best value for money.


Nothing but the Best.

For us, quality is of the upmost importance, our dedicated team of product developers, designers and personal trainers have worked in tandem to create industry leading plans that will revolutionise the way you train. Simplicity is a key part of our ethos and it is beautifully executed in our hard back books.

Robust, Built to Last, Hardbound

Crisp, Matte
White Cover

GSM High Quality,
Silk Pages

127 x 127mm

Being involved in every step of product development from testing to design and ultimately customer feedback allows us to ensure you are receiving the best Gymbook possible. This level of execution is why we are so confident that your Gymbook will become an essential part of your training regime, helping you realise your dream physique.

Designed for You

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The Package

More Than a Book.

The Gymbook journey is a commitment to the whole fitness lifestyle. Morning to evening. Be it your breakfast, 11 o’clock snack, gym session or post-workout shake. With each order you will receive an introductory letter to your book, and a range of helpful accessories.

The Intermediate Range

We are always working to expand and improve our Gymbooks to give you the best possible experience. Take a look at our intermediate range below.
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The Gymbook Tiers

There are two levels for you to choose from, see the comparison for help on choosing the tier that suits you and your fitness experience best.


  • General targets & goals
  • 4 Training days / week
  • Workouts based in the gym
  • Workout duration, 35 - 55 mins
  • Fixed daily nutrition
  • Few supplement recommendations


  • Focused targets / goals
  • 5 - 6 Training days / week
  • Varying workout styles and locations
  • Workout duration, 50 - 75 mins
  • Varied daily nutrition, can be workout specific
  • Increased supplement recommendations
  • Athlete support

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