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Men / 8-week / Lean Muscle & Fat Loss

Get Cut


Our 8-week “Get Cut” training program has been designed to be the ultimate weight loss and muscle definition program. The aim: to help men shed fat, enhance definition and encourage the growth of lean muscle. Our program combines high and low-intensity cardio with intense core circuits and compound lifts for a full body transformation.

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8 Weeks


Lean Muscle, Fat Loss


4 Days / Week


Weights, Circuits, Cardio

Average Time

50 - 60 Mins / Workout

Nutrition Types

Moderate Carb, High Protein

Recommended Supplements

Diet Protein, CLA, Green Tea Extract

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It's all about Definition!

After completing our 8 week “Get Cut” programme our clients see a dramatic improvement in lean muscle growth, body fat percentage and overall fitness levels resulting in a more toned, aesthetic physique. If you are looking to achieve a more athletic look our “Get Cut” regime will guide you through the entire process, all it takes from you is dedication, commitment and hard work. Why wait? Let’s begin training towards your dream physique today!

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