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Women / 8-week / Fat Loss & Muscle Tone

Get Toned


Our 8-week “Get Toned” training program has been specially designed as the ultimate tool to help women lose weight and increase muscle definition. The program combines high and low-intensity cardio sessions with core circuits, plyometrics, and light weights for a full body transformation. Expect to see your six pack emerge.

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8 Weeks


Fat Loss, Muscle Tone


4 Days / Week


Compound Weights, Circuits, Cardio

Average Time

50 - 60 Mins / Workout

Nutrition Types

Calorie Deficit, High Protein, Moderate Carb

Recommended Supplements

Diet Protein, CLA, Green Tea Extract

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Achieving the Perfect Tone!

The process of achieving a ‘Toned’ physique is not to be underestimated, our book offers insights into what it takes to achieve your dream body, giving you detailed nutrition and exercise guidelines for the full 8 weeks. Break your current training cycle and achieve the defined body you have always aspired towards. Make your fitness goals a reality and commit to a more effective way of training today!.

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