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Our Gymbook Journals are the perfect 12-week companion for those who already have a solid workout routine and want to start logging their fitness progress in a new and stylish way. The design caters for logging up to 10 exercises, 7 meals per day and additional notes.

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12 Weeks


60 Days / Workouts

The book for you?

Each Gymbook is different, with unique content, training, methodologies and goals. Here's a handy breakdown for you to see if this is the right book for you.

Amplify your Progress!

Using the journal couldn’t be simpler. Each double spread is essentially your whole day. On the left, you have your nutrition diary and on the right your workout log. Tracking each part of your fitness routine to help and motivate you in striving towards a more athletic you. There are also some helpful resources to aid you in making nutrition and health decisions.

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