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Women / 8-week / Muscle Growth & Definition

Shape & Sculpt


Our 8-week “Shape and Sculpt” program has been specially designed to help women shape and extenuate their curves. The program incorporates a mixture of isolation and compound exercises, to help promote muscle growth; and high-intensity ab circuits, to help improve core definition and improve fat loss. Expect to see: a slimmer waist, toned glutes, and tighter core.

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8 Weeks


Lean Muscle Growth, Body Sculpting


4 Days / Week


Compound & Isolation Weights

Average Time

50 - 60 Mins / Workout

Nutrition Types

High Protein, Recovery

Recommended Supplements

Whey Protein, CLA, Multivitamins

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Sculpting Curves, Defining Muscle!

Shaping your body over the next 8 weeks will come from a mixture of weightlifting, good nutrition and power sets. This plan aims to help you get over the stigma that lifting weights will make you ‘bulky’, instead it will provide you with an end result that is attractive, strong and empowering. The exercises are all based around Hypertrophy, a method of strength training intended to induce the fastest muscle growth.

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